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Since 1972 we've been helping parents and educators to successfully reach struggling, disruptive, defiant or sometimes impossible teens. If you could use direction and professional advice, we invite you to spend a few minutes on our site to see what this program is all about.

School is a waste,

Help is here if you need it!

The Language of Power works. Read what several parents said about their involvement in the program:

"I came from a situation where my teenage son and I were constantly butting heads and at odds and I found that neither one of us were very successful in finding a happy home life. So I was really looking for support and some input from other parents as well as a better way to communicate with him. And what I found was this method that certainly took a more positive approach and it diffused the anger and focused on really trying to communicate and not on the emotions." ~ Carol

"We just can't thank you and your staff enough for the enormous impact you had on our lives. The guidance and inspiration you all provided, at a time when we were just about to lose hope of ever reaching our son, has made such a positive impact, words really don't do our appreciation justice." ~ Bill

If you've got a teenager, you probably could use some help!

The LANGUAGE of POWER© represents the first practical application of current research on human brain development as applied to teenagers. As such, it represents a totally new way of thinking. It is in fact based on how teens think rather than on how we adults think. Because you will be learning to speak a new "language" you will inevitably have many questions as you learn to 'speak' this language. As you begin to traverse this new and exciting pathway you will also be able to access questions and answers from other members. And don't be too hard on yourself as you are learning! Each and every 'mistake' in this system is in fact not a mistake but a learning opportunity. Lighten up and have fun with the LANGUAGE as you gradually learn to take back your power from your struggling teen.

The Language of Power: Based on how teens think, not adults.

A Program To Help You Deal Effectively with Teen Problems

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“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” – William Arthur Ward


Many if not most teens struggle with individualized office type therapy or counseling. So do even the best therapists. Up until now therapy or counseling has been virtually the only option for concerned parents other than our organized systems of public education, child welfare and juvenile justice.

Now there is something new, The LANGUAGE OF POWER©. It will teach you how to take your power back from your struggling or disruptive teen simply by how you communicate. Learning to speak the The LANGUAGE OF POWER© will take a little practice and focus. But we will be with you every step of the way as you travel this pathway of learning.

Despite their most vehement of denials, teenagers at their core need and want to know that we as the adults are in charge. (Young adults in their mid and later 20s will freely admit this, especially as they start families of their own). And so when we speak the LANGUAGE OF POWER© to our teens, we will almost instantly get their full attention and respect.

Why? Because by communicating with them based on how they think we are reassuring them that we as the adults understand. We understand that they are not yet playing with a full deck because their brains are not yet fully developed and that they can never admit to this. We also understand that they are struggling to get a handle on their intensely social world where image is king. And so the LANGUAGE is both a transformative and a disruptive technology.

What does one hour with a quality therapist cost?  Anywhere from 100.00 to 200.00 per hour. Compare that to what we offer. And that makes the Language of Power© an absolute bargain. And, best of all, you will be in control and in charge. As you gradually learn to follow and apply the Principles of the Program, you will almost automatically find yourself feeling more and more powerful. For a limited time we are offering The LANGUAGE OF POWER© for $100.00 per month. And you may ask as many questions online as

you want.

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The Language of Power is a new alternative to teenage counseling and therapy that works